The #LibraryRun

It was the late 90’s, I was 17 and even as I am now, I was completely enamored with words on the page.

I was a fanatical bookish-athlete, particularly when it came to routine; lay up drills, my my choice of subway toppings and memorizing the height, weight and attended college of every NBA player over a 8-12 year span. I was given the unflattering title of being the ‘Leader of the Nerd Herd’ at school but looking back, I see I relished and treasured that, even now. Why?

I had a clearly defined role. A place. Ultimately I wasn’t a lost soul, languishing through their teenage years ~ I didn’t have any enemies (there were some GREAT tussles on the basketball court though) and I didn’t dislike anyone (well…not overly).

It may well have saved my life – who knows? Sliding doors and all that…

One of my many fondest memories throughout those later teen years, involved me and two or three closest friends, driving to a local supermarket on any given Friday night. We’d get a few drinks, snacks and settle back at someones’ place for video games, a movie, hanging out after a night of playing playing basketball at the local stadium for hours [PMBA stand up!]. This routine lovingly became known as a ‘Coles Run.’

If you sit very still… you will see that the words are alive

Ultimately, it boiled down to the same thing for me just about every Friday evening: Basketball, music, best mates in tow, a LARGE pecan danish pastry, video games and Dr Pepper (I should add, once we hit 18, I was pretty enamored with the sweet syrup of Southern Comfort or Kahlua…yes with the Dr).

A place for everything, and everything in it’s place.

For me, this is the perfect combination of strategy and mystery.

A pre-planned adventure…?

Here is where we jump 20 years: Particularly four days ago. I wanted to recreate a sense of wonder, excitement and adventure, very much like the heralded ‘Coles Run’ we created back then.

A literary version, if you will.

I am at my local library A LOT more than I’ve ever been in a supermarket. Daily infact and the idea just sprang to life before me: What could I do to create a regular experience akin to the ‘Coles Run’, (which had taken on almost mythical proportions when my friends and I talk of it now) when it came to my library?

Hence, the #LibraryRun was born ~ I’ve since shared a simple invitation online, wanting to see who has recently had the glorious pleasure and privilege of having a book published in 2019 – other years will be considered as time or oppprtunity allows.

The response has been phenomenal and it may have been this interaction that we’ve shared on social media, that has brought you here.

In essence, the object has been a simple one: Discover as many of your literary gems out there in the world, as I can.

At present I have an opportunity to seek, find and highlight these ‘worlds of words’ you have created and I love that you are along for the ride. The ride that continues beyond publication.

I’ll provide snap shots as books arrive, reserved for me to see first, I’ll link each author back so they can see their little work as they arrive ~ So I invite you along. Follow me on Twitter and join us!

Thank you.

Thank you, and welcome to our Coles Run.



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