2020: A Plan

This isn’t the only route to follow ~ all roads lead to Rome and all that Jazz (although, that’s likely more of a marching band beat, melody wise but you get the idea) ~ and where there are any number of successors before me, or some that are planning it better at least, here I am stepping into the void, stepping up to the mic… keeping step (a lot of footwork involved with this).

I felt a few clear words, down in writing will hold me accountable certainly, or at the very least give you some insight as to whether I’ve stuck it out this time (let’s agree to look back here on June 1st). But the plan quite simply is to follow through on being inspired. To follow through on the “action/response” required from simply being impressed, by others. All you out there: Friends, family, complete strangers even who have simply said at some point, “I am going to make this happen.”

Ostensibly, that is also what I want to say. Right now. “I am going to make this happen.”

Everyone who has ever put pen to paper, words in to actions and plans in place for their own literary journey: Here I am, right behind you. Following the well worn path of the writers before me.

Note the vista for any writer: The path ahead, while well established and clear still contains a glimpse of the hills to follow. Onward.

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