On poetry and teamwork

Age old sonnets, the eventful haiku, a polished lambic pentameter or even a well-timed limerick. They each have their power, holding the reader captive and making their point, knife-edge clear. They are also only but a handful of the myriad of poetry’s forms. I stumbled upon this quote recently, and it resonated deeply… Robert Frost […]

Bright Side of the Sun

The National Basketball Association achieved run-away success by hosting an 8 game (not including exhibition matches nor the playoffs; being conducted as we speak) ‘conclusion’ to the 2019-20 regular season. 22 teams out of 30 hand-picked, if not mathematically so, to face off for either playoff seeding, or in the case of the Phoenix Suns, […]

i love the smell of possibility in the morning

For those keeping track, let me just jump straight in with the following update: I washed the windows, planted the parsley and completed the other pertinent chores off the ‘to do’ list. Thank you, appreciate that. Ostensibly, the only way to begin the process of becoming productive with the ample amount of ‘house-bound’, self imposed […]

A drive-by writing.

Several weeks ago I considered putting together something resembling a daily blog post. Well, I don’t need to tell you a pandemic got in the way and as someone easily distracted once told me, “wait, what was that?!” In any event, I’ve floundered with having no work (as many others have) but the greatest impact […]

The #LibraryRun

It was the late 90’s, I was 17 and even as I am now, I was completely enamored with words on the page. I was a fanatical bookish-athlete, particularly when it came to routine; lay up drills, my my choice of subway toppings and memorizing the height, weight and attended college of every NBA player […]

2020: A Plan

This isn’t the only route to follow ~ all roads lead to Rome and all that Jazz (although, that’s likely more of a marching band beat, melody wise but you get the idea) ~ and where there are any number of successors before me, or some that are planning it better at least, here I […]